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==  Goulds Pumps  ==
■ Self-Priming Design: Once pump is initially primed, filled with water, it will reprime when the water level rises above the end of the suction pipe.
■ Serviceable:
• Back pullout design allows disassembly of pump for service without disturbing piping.
• Two compartment motor for easy access to motor wiring and replaceable components.
■ Diffuser (Guidevane): Bolt down diffuser provides positive alignment with impeller. Diffuser has stainless wear ring for extended performance in abrasive conditions. F.D.A. compliant, injection molded, food grade, glass filled Lexan® for durability and abrasion resistance.
■ Impeller: F.D.A. compliant, glass filled Noryl®. Corrosion and abrasion resistant.
■ Corrosion Resistant: Electro-coat paint process is applied inside and out, then baked on.
■ Casing: Cast iron construction. Four (4) bolt, back pull-out design. Tapped openings provided for vacuum gauge and casing drain.
■ Powered for Continuous Operation: Pump ratings are within the motor manufacturer’s recommended working limits. Can be operated continuously without damage.
■ Mechanical Seal: Carbon/ceramic faces, BUNA elastomers. 300 series stainless steel metal parts. Pump design prevents the seal from running dry.

Specifically designed for the following uses:
• Lawn sprinkling
• Irrigation
• Air conditioning systems
• Heat pumps
• Water transfer
• Dewatering
• Pipe connections: 1½” NPT suction 1½” NPT discharge
• Capacities: to 110 GPM at 5 foot suction lift.
• Heads: to 128 feet.
• Reprime capabilities: to 25 feet suction lift.

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Goulds GT Irri-gator
Goulds Pumps
GT IRRI-GATOR™ Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps – 60 Hz
Over 150 years ago in Seneca Falls NY, Seabury S. Gould cast the world's first all metal pump. This was a major step in building a business that would grow into one of the largest pump manufacturers in the world.

Today, Goulds Pumps is a brand of ITT, the world's largest pump manufacturer.

The trusted Goulds Pumps name can be found on a full range of pump products. Goulds Pumps is a global leader in pumps for the water technologies and industrial markets, producing the world's leading line of residential water well pumps. The Goulds Pumps' product portfolio includes submersible and lineshaft turbine, 4" submersible, jet, sump, effluent, sewage and centrifugal, as well as double suction, multi-stage, slurry and process pumps. Plus controls and accessories.

Products are manufactured in New York and Texas, with foundries in three U.S. locations. An advanced R&D facility in Seneca Falls keeps Goulds Pumps on the leading edge of pump technology.

Goulds Pumps continues to lead its market segments through the introduction of innovative and energy efficient products designed to meet the vital needs of people and industries around the globe.
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